Our Pest Control

Is Extremely Comprehensive

  • We use a truck mounted power sprayer to apply an exterior barrier all the way around the home to protect it 360 degrees.
  • We spray any and all harborage sites around the home to ensure no pests are setting up their homes around your home.  These areas include bases of trees, river rock, underneath and around all plants, water meter boxes, sprinkler boxes, etc.
  • After finishing around the home, we spray all of the columns and bases of your perimeter wall to make sure no pests are climbing, hiding, or coming through to your back yard.
  • To treat grass areas we have a great water activated chemical that use spread throughout the grass that goes down into the dirt where the bugs live and kill them in their homes.
  • We spray along all of the baseboards on the interior of the home on the initial service to make sure we get all the bugs inside if there are any at the time of first spray.  We usually only spray the outside on regular maintenance services but will spray the inside at no additional cost upon request.
  • PESTS COVERED:  Scorpions, crickets, spiders, roaches, ants, and many many more!


Safety First

The main chemical we use is made from the chrysanthemum plant.  Its called DEMAND CS.  It is pet friendly, kid friendly, and extremely low in odor. Once dried, the chemical has less toxicity to humans and pets than regular table salt. Our chemical is mixed with water and power sprayed around your home. If any issues arise between services we will come out and spot treat any issues the customer is having to make sure they are happy and house is protected.

No Contract

No Contract. No Contract. No Contract… Did we mention no contract?